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How to test the tinplate hardness?

Tinplate hardness testing before most of the desktop surface Rockwell hardness tester, using ordinary steel flat measuring anvil, HR30T hardness test.

In recent years, due to the national standard GB/T2520-2000on tinplate began to use the HR30Tm hardness method, therefore the domestic have begun to adopt a diamond measuring anvil, tinplate HR30Tm hardness test.

However, testing the hardness of HR30Tm need a diamond measuring anvil, and the domestic Rockwell hardness very few such accessories can purchase. Due to the appropriate measure to buy diamond anvil, desktop surface hardness and more expensive. Therefore, the hardness of HR30Tm representation methods in domestic tin industry application was not universal. Especially in the tinplate manufacturers use, although it is also general knowledge to tinplate hardness is very important, it relates to the processing of product quality, the production efficiency and enterprise benefit. But most enterprises are not on the purchase of the tinplate material hardness review.

Things are different now, Shenyang star monitoring instrument Co., the company has produced a series of portable PHR the surface Rockwell hardness, it weighs only desktop one percent, price is only half of the desktop, desktop with the same precision, are consistent with the Rockwell hardness test of the national standard GB/T230.1-2004 regulations. As an option, Shenyang star company also provides for testing the hardness of HR30Tm diamond bit anvil, its price is only1/5 of the domestic products of the same category.

Test of hardness of tinplate, can choose to use PHR-1S the surface Rockwell hardness, it weighs only0.7kg, can test the thickness of 0.05~25mm strips of sheet material, testing the diameter of more than 26mm hardness test of pipe wall, diameter of more than 30mm pipe wall hardness. With a diamond point anvil can test the HR30Tm hardness of tinplate. This apparatus can be carried to the site of production, sales site and material warehouse to use. Can be used for tinplate production plant on-line quality control, but also can be used for tinplate using plant material retest, also can bring to the steel market to buy materials. If equipped with the last purchase supporting seat, you can also put a platform ( such as a desk ) for accurate testing.

PHR-1S the surface Rockwell hardness is suitable for testing the hardness of tinplate, its adoption will give tinplate production and manufacturers use brings apparent benefit.

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