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Tinplate's production process and performance characteristics

Tinplate tin by acidic electroplating technology, can also be used for hot dipping process. Steel plating tin silver-white surface, the tin coating thickness of about0.4~4suggested M, technically in unit area of tinplate to express ( G/M2). Tin plating after the tinned layer pore, corrosion resistance is not good. So it must be in after plating soft solution or passivation, the surface respectively generate tin alloy layer and a tin oxide layer. Make bright coating, and the coating and steel plate combined with strength and pore reduction, can effectively improve the corrosion resistance of.

Maguchi Tetsu surface electroplating, mainly tin electrode potential than iron and high, stable chemical properties, therefore the plate from the rust protection. But must maintain a tin layer is complete, if cut, even with only a tiny pores exposed steel base, will cause corrosion to steel quickly eroded.

Tinplate main production process: low carbon steel, tinplate, soft solution, passivation, oiling, check shearing →category packaging.

Tin plate through metallographic analysis its organizational structure from the inside out: a total of five layer.

(1) steel substrate. General can use, the thickness of 0.2~0.3MM.

(2) alloy layer. As the tin alloy, tinplate tin content <1G/M2,5G/M2hot dipped tinning board.

(3) a layer of tin. Pure tin layer, tinplate tin coating weight is 5.6G/M2~22.4G/M2,22.4G/M2~44.8G/M2hot dipped tinning board.

(4) oxidation film. Mainly tin oxide, tin oxide etc..

(5) oil film. For cottonseed oil or sebacic acid two ester.

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