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tinplate application characteristics

One, tinplate

Since the inception of tinplate, has been to thinning direction. A little tin, tin ( even without chrome iron ), a thin tinplate

The thickness of the substrate. The purpose is to adapt to the products can the change and reduce manufacturing cost.

In 1, the tin plating layer: by the 50's hot dip tin to the current development of the electrolytic tinplate, now our country has not see hot dip tin cans in the

Use. In order to become familiar with the history of tinplate, list is as follows:

Hot dipped tinplate tinplate:

Code tin coating weight ( two ) g/m2Chinese call application examples



H15/15301.5 LB tin content of fruit and vegetable, meat


Electrolytic tinplate tinplate:

Code tin coating weight ( per face) g/m2Chinese call application examples

10#1.1/1.110 number except 100tin content for mushroom, canned fruit, generally use 50tin content following iron coating






2, the substrate thinning: This is all known desire, at present in our country have been using the 0.15m/m tin lid . Some cold-rolled plate company has announced

Cloth capable of producing 0.12m/m cold rolled plate used to build the system of industry. Therefore, substrate thinning, enhance the hardness of two cold tinplate can manufacturing industry is ( cover)

The direction of development.

World tin modified grade list is as follows:

Two cold tinplate:

Traditional symbol the symbol HR30T value of tensile strength ( MPA ) uses

DR8DR55073550+70 round cans, bottom, cover

DR9DR62076620+70 round cans, bottom, cover

DR9MDR66077660+70 beer, carbonated beverage cans bottom, cover

A cold tinplate:

T1T5052330very harsh deep drawing

T2T5252350deep drawing

T2.5T5555 general use

T3T5757370 general use, can not draw Yun

T4T6161415 general use, relatively rigid, require a rigid bottom, cover, Asaoki

T5T6565450resistance to warping, require a rigid bottom, cover, the tank body

T6T7070530 rigid, beer, carbonated beverage cans bottom, cover

For the same types of cans, used two times to cold tinplate with thin Daihou, improve the utilization rate of tinplate.

3: Wuxi, chrome-plated iron sheet, since 80 time promotion to our country since, has stagnated, until2000 after the universal

Through the application, even in this year will be a plating chromium price than tinned iron your situation, its reason is chrome-plated iron in iron printing coatings processing performance

Better than tin iron with iron coating is widely used, especially in the bottle, chrome-plated iron more attention, chrome-plated iron is characterized by:

(1) substrate can process and corrosion resistance of tinplate and the substrate of the same;

(2) coating processing, need not consider like tinplate tin fusion problem, can adopt high baking temperature, improve the efficiency of printing production;

(3) on the film adhesion, better than the tinplate;

(4) whose surface is a thin layer of metallic chromium layer and hydrated chromium oxide layer, the thickness of only about 1% of tinplate tin layer. Therefore, extremely easy to rust.

So, do not paint processing, there is no plating chromium practical value.

(5) because Wuxi is thin, so save tin resources, in line with the development direction of tinplate.

Tin plating chromium and performance comparison:

Properties of tin plating chromium


No printing or coating AC

There is printing AB

Print ( paint ) CA

Film density CA

Drawing CA

Processing ( tensile ) CD

Impact resistant BB

The proportion of 7.87.8

Heat resistance to 232 ℃molten tin stability

Sulfur tolerance DA

Acid resistance of high Xiliang without coating using coated printed B

( A- and B- good C- D- difference )

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