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Why tinplate material is better for cans?

Canning with iron, covered in shiny silver, very beautiful. This is because the dip tin tin out in light, wearing a" tin"," people call this" tin tin". On the " tinplate" this old name origin, because the past foreign businessmen from China's Tibet Ali of tinplate input this tin; also that because of our past the iron kerosene lamp, shaped like a tin, it is referred to as the " tinplate". World tin annual output of nearly 30% is used in the manufacture of tinplate.

Tin and iron good feelings. Although the tin surface, just smear a thin layer of tin, but, it can stick tightly on the iron sheet. Even when heated in a tin, rust, and oxygen to generate two tin oxide, but this film is still tight in tin surface, protected inside longer rusty tin. Thus, tin tin 's guard, the iron and oxygen, water isolated, so the tinplate tin much longer than ordinary life.

Manufacture of a tin can be tin, every square metre only 11.2grams of tin; as a box of paints, can draw dozens, hundreds of pictures, a ton of tin, but can cover more than 8square meters of iron sheet. Therefore, tinplate is comparatively cheap.

However, the use of tin, you must be careful, don't put out the tin layer break! If broken, affected with damp again, the whole piece of iron will soon rot.

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